My BJD List

My resin ball joint doll collection mostly form family units of three within particular stories, however, there are a few amongst them who are simply their own person and some who like to cross over into another story.

SD ~
Steampunk Girl:
1. Verity Delamore-Larkin ~ Hybrid Dollzone Minas NYS with face up, Arrived 9th June 2016 / Impldoll 46cm Young Girl Body, Arrived 6th Oct 2016

Fantasy Creature:
2. Theron ~ Luts Kid Delf Centaur Moonlit Song Bory, RS Brown/Tan, Arrived 14th January 2016

3. Legolas ~ Doll Family-A Julian White Skin, Arrived 10th April 2013
4. Siofra ~ (Dollmore) Serendipity Sharmin Normal Skin, Arrived 24th May 2014

5. Nadia ~ Luts Kid Delf Darae Girl Body Real Skin Normal, Arrived 14th February 2013
6. Nanette ~ Fairyland MiniFee Celine Natural Skin, Arrived 30th January 2014
7. Sally ~ Luts Kid Delf Darin Girl Body Real Skin Normal, Arrived 9th February 2015
8. Suzanne ~ DF-H Tao Yue Pink Skin, Arrived 10th February, 2015

Magical Beings:
9. Diaphanus ~ Hybrid 5StarDoll Amy head (rec 15th May 2013) / Luts Kid Delf Romantic body Real Skin Normal, Completed 18th April 2014
10. Seraphine ~ Hybrid DIM Human Flowne head face-up by Alexandra Somma of 16-Bit Faceups (rec 28th February 2014) / Luts Kid Delf Romantic body Real Skin Normal, Completed 18th April 2014
11. Ondine ~ Hybrid DIM Youra head default face-up Normal Skin (rec 15th July 2014) / Luts Kid Delf Romantic Body Real Skin Normal, Completed 9th February 2015

12. Renee ~ IpleHouse KID Irene Special Real Skin, Arrived 15th April 2013
13. Lonette ~ IpleHouse KID Lonnie Peach Gold Skin, Arrived 12th December 2013

14. Emmaline ~ DollsBeWithYou Pomegranate, Normal Skin, Arrived 1st February 2016
15. Amelia ~ DollsBeWithYou Carrot or Paprika, Normal Skin, Arrived 1st August 2016

16. Denise~ Kaye Wiggs Mini Layla, Fair Skin, Arrived 22nd January 2018

Magical Being:
17. Estelwen ~ Noble Dolls Radicelle Lavender Grey Resin, Arrived 14th November 2013

Human Sisters:
18. Daisy ~ Soom iMda 3.0 Babette, Normal Skin, Blank Arrived 13th April 2015
19. Maisie ~ Soom iMda 2.6 Collette, Normal Skin, Blank Arrived 13th May 2015

20. Hanako ~ Supia Doll Minisup Hanna Normal Skin, Arrived 13th May, 2015
21. Momoko ~ IpleHouse KID Ah-Ra Normal Skin, Blank, Arrived 12th May, 2016

House on Vine Street:
22. Ivy ~ Dollmore Narsha Zihu Normal Skin, Arrived 26th September, 2016
23. Pocket ~ Fairyland RealPuki Papilio Tan Skin, Arrived 7th October, 2016
24. Holly ~ IpleHouse KID Paige Normal Skin, Arrived 25th October, 2016

Tuscan Tots:
25. Gina ~ Luts Honey Delf Lolly, Real Skin Brown, Arrived 17th April 2013
26. Claudia ~ IpleHouse BID Bonnie, Normal Skin, Arrived 29th September 2014
27. Sophia ~ IpleHouse BID Anne, Normal Skin, Arrived 29th September 2014

Parisian Preps:
28. Antoinette ~ Fairyland LittleFee Ante, Natural Skin, Arrived 20th June 2013
29. Angelique ~ Fairyland LittleFee Luna, Natural Skin, Arrived 6th November 2013
30. Ancelina ~ Fairyland LittleFee Bisou, Natural Skin (Pre-Loved), Arrived 14th November 2014

Farm Girls:
31. Jazz ~ Fairyland LittleFee Reni, Natural Skin, Arrived 19th February 2015
32. Pippin ~ Fairyland LittleFee Pipi, Tan Skin, Arrived 13th April 2015
33. Eve ~ IpleHouse BID Naias Sculpt, Normal Skin, Arrived 7th July 2014

Thunderbird Gang:
34. Finch ~ Doll-Zone BB Choco, White Skin, Arrived 1st July 2014
35. Raven ~ IpleHouse BID Serca Sculpt, Special Real Skin, KID Peach B Face-up, Arrived 7th July 2014
36. Wren ~ IpleHouse BID Peekaboo Sculpt, Light Brown Skin, Arrived 14th June 2016

Bobby Soxers:
37. Harmony ~ IpleHouse BID Chloe, Normal Skin, Arrived 12th December 2013
38. Ebony ~ IpleHouse BID Efreet, Special Real Skin, Arrived 12th March 2014
39. Ivory ~ IpleHouse BID Elin, Normal Skin, Arrived 12th March 2014

40. Singe ~ The Mushroom Peddler Dragon White Resin, Arrived 31st July 2013
41. Hera ~ Luts Tiny Delf Unicorn Centaur Hansel Real Skin Brown/Tan, Arrived 11th November 2013
42. Pegasus ~ Luts Tiny Delf Centaur Jack Bubble Mint/White Ltd., Arrived 18th May 2015
43. Atlantes ~ Impldoll Baby Teno Natural Skin, Arrived 18th June 2015
44. Tempest ~ Impldoll Baby Gela, White Skin, Arrived 30th July 2015
45. Sybil von Raven ~ Peak's Woods FOF V.F. Lady Alice, Blue Grey Skin, Arrived 9th July 2015
46. Atargatis ~ Fairyland RealFee Mari Girl Natural Skin /Clear Pink Tail, Arrived 26th November 2015
47. Gaea ~ Fairyland RealFee Pano Girl Mint Skin, Arrived 31st July 2015
48. Nomios ~ Fairyland RealFee Pano Full Set Natural/Tan Satyr parts, Arrived 6th August 2015
49. Ruggiero ~ Fairyland RealFee June Full Set Normal Skin, Arrived 19th August 2016
50. Fleetfoot ~ Fairyland Fantasy Artline Rus Full Set Violet Skin, Arrived 19th August 2016
51. Snowdrift ~ Camellia Dynasty Sage White Skin, Arrived 24th October, 2016

Schoolhouse Boarders:
52. Flossy (Fairy Floss) ~ Fairyland RealFee Mari Girl Pink Skin, Blank Arrived 20th November 2015
53. Fudge (Chocolate Fudge) ~ Fairyland RealFee Mari Girl Tan Skin, Blank Arrived 20th November 2015
54. Peri (Miss Peri Winkle) ~ Fairyland RealFee May Girl Beautiful White Skin, Arrived 23rd November 2015

Tea Pot Elves:
55. Lady Grey ~ Fairyland PukiFee Icis Tan Skin, Arrived 30th April, 2015
56. Darjeeling ~ Fairyland PukiFee Bonnie Natural Skin (Pre-Loved Human Ear), Arrived 25th September 2015
57. Pekoe ~ Fairyland PukiFee Cupid Tan Skin, Arrived 23rd February, 2015

Gingerbread House Elves:
58. BonBon ~ Fairyland PukiFee Bonnie Natural Skin (Pre-Loved Human Ear), Arrived 28th August 2014
59. Gum Drops ~ Fairyland PukiFee Pio Beautiful White Skin (Pre-Loved Full Set), Arrived 18th November 2014
60. Truffles ~ Fairyland PukiFee Luna Natural Skin (Pre-Loved), Arrived 19th November 2014

Chocolate Box Elves:
61. Lindt ~ Fairyland PukiFee Ante Natural Skin, Arrived 19th March 2013
62. Hershey ~ Fairyland PukiFee Zio Natural Skin, Arrived 28th May 2013
63. Cadbury ~ Fairyland PukiFee Vanilla Tan Skin, Arrived 6th November 2013

Biscuit Barrel Elves:
64. Cookie ~ Fairyland PukiFee Bonnie Natural Skin, Arrived 12th May 2014
65. Biscotti ~ Fairyland PukiFee Doni Natural Skin, Arrived 4th August 2014
66. Macaron ~ Fairyland PukiFee Coni Natural Skin, Arrived 4th August 2014

67. Pi (Sweet Pea) ~ Fairyland PukiFee Soso with Pre-Loved body, Arrived 4th September 2015
68. Wi (Wisteria) ~ Fairyland PukiFee Pupu with Pre-Loved body, Arrived 24th September 2015
69. Li (Linaria) ~ Fairyland RealFee Toki (FS) Natural Skin, (changed to Mari's body) Arrived 15th August 2015

70. Kenyon (wolf) ~ Fairyland PukiFee Tiki Tan Skin, Arrived 31st October, 2016
71. Kelsi (sheep) ~ Fairyland PukiFee Rin Beautiful White Skin, Arrived 31st October, 2016

72. Kismet Glitterglass ~ Lati Yellow Grown up Bayer-Basic ver. Pre-Loved WS, Arrived 13th February, 2014
73. Tian Sparkleheart ~ Luts Tiny Delf Pino (Lavender Version) NS, Arrived 1st July, 2016

Beechwood Hall Elves (formerly of the Greenhouse):
74. Misty Dell ~ Fairyland RealPuki Kaka Tan Skin, Arrived 19th August 2014
75. Mossy Rock ~ Fairyland RealPuki Soso Natural Skin, Arrived 10th November 2014
74. Hollow Log ~ Fairyland RealPuki Ara Natural Skin, Arrived 10th November 2014

77. Jax ~ Doll Leaves 1st Anniversary Event Rabbit Normal Skin, Arrived 4th August 2012
78. Brice ~ Coco Tribe Bear White Skin, Arrived 20th February 2015
79. Monet ~ DollZone Larry White Skin, Arrived May 2016
80. Renoir ~ Camellia Dynasty Wong White Skin, Arrived 15th August 2016

PukiFee Ante faceplate NS - stained will use as a test plate - KEEPER and
Currently on PukiFee Zoe Body Natural Skin, Arrived 23rd February 2015
Luts Kid Delf Centaur Moonlit Song Bory Gold Tail & Mane - ALL KEEPERS
RealFee Toki sleeping plate NS with face-up, Arrived 15th August 2015 - KEEPER
RealFee Toki sandal feet NS, axe smokey grey, Arrived 15th August 2015 - KEEPERS
KDF-38 Head NS -Winter Event 2014 Arrived 9th February 2015
Leekeworld Wings White - new
The Mushroom Peddler Rocky the Gargoyle Head White - new
LittleFee NF Faceplate NS - 2014 Spring Event
LittleFee JURI Faceplate NS - 2014 Summer Event
2 x LittleFee FairyLine RA Faceplates NS
RealFee  Pano Sleeping Faceplate NS - 2015 Summer Event
RealFee Lower Human Body NS (Pano's)
RealFee Lower Human Body NS (Toki's)
RealFee Elf Shoes green
RealFee Mari Sleeping Plate with Faceup NS
PukiFee Connector for RealFee Normal Skin
PukiFee FLRA Faceplate NS - 2015 Winter Event
PukiFee Wings Clear Black
PukiFee Wings White
PukiFee hands #1 NS
Impldoll Dream's Art Nancy Head with Face-up B Special Real Skin (Anti-UV) Gift ~ Arrived 9th October 2015
Volks SD13 Pureskin Cyndy, Arrived 13th March 2014
Volks DWC #3 Head Pureskin with faceup by Uchan, Arrived May 2016

Lilly ~ Iplehouse PID Joyful Twinky, NS. Arrived 3rd October 2013, Departed 7th December 2014
Coco ~ Luts Kid Delf Head default f/up RSN, Arrived 26th August 2013, Departed 2nd Jan 2015
2014 Halloween Day Event ~ PF Faceplate, Departed
Ishyllia ~ April Story NS, Arrived 26th November 2015, Departed 30th March 2016
Fairyland Zoe ~ Faceplate NS, Arrived 23rd February 2015, Departed 1st April, 2016
Napidoll Rogebell ~ Head NS, Arrived 12th May 2014, Departed April 2016
PukiFee Connector for RealFee Mint Skin ~ Arrived 31st July 2015, Departed 20th June 2016
LittleFee Soso Faceplate NS 2015 Summer Event ~ Arrived 31st July 2015, Departed 20th June 2016
2 x LittleFee Connectors for RealFee Normal Skin ~ Departed 2nd December 2016 and 10th July 2017

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