Monday, May 21, 2018

Knitted v Sewn Dollywear

I love both sewn and knitted garments, however, I often find knitted garments are more forgiving when it comes to dressing dolls of different heights and body sizes. Sewn garments from cotton fabrics are slightly rigid and at times quite restricting, whereas knitted garments are less so. They have a little more give (natural yarns even more so), which allows them to stretch to fit.

I finished this 4 piece outfit designed to fit 18-19" (46-48cm) dolls and shown here on my Gotz Happy Kidz Emma (which is classified as a 50cm doll).
Her measurements are actually ~ Height 48cm, Chest (under armpit) 25cm, Waist 22.5cm, Hip 27cm.

If this sounds confusing, it is, as many dolls which are often said to be 50cm or 20" tall, are not. It seems many measurements stated in the dolly world are not always precise measurements, so you can understand my dilemma as a seamstress and knitter . . . and when it comes to sewing, it really is a case of trial and error or perhaps I should say adjustment. :)

Now here is the same outfit on my new Australian Girl who I might add is actually ~
Height 50cm, Chest (under armpit) 28cm, Waist 29cm, Hip 31cm.
The most noticeable difference is in the length of the top and pants, not so much in the width, but they are acceptable and she can still wear them.

This new arrival had been onboard for delivery since Thursday, but wasn't delivered until Sunday. We were out for the afternoon, so the poor dear was left at the front door in the rain . . . I was not impressed!

Luckily she was in her backpack, within a box and well wrapped in brown paper, so she was okay. The backpack will be great should I want to take her anywhere, it has straps to hold her safely tucked in place.

These are the clothes she was wearing ~ the little boots are fur lined and have an opening at the inner ankle that closes with Velcro (don't mind it too much here as it's not near her hair), the denim skirt is fully lined (even the waistband is lined), so no worries about her vinyl staining, and the t-shirt closes at the back with press studs.

She also came with a pair of thongs (flipflops), which she is wearing in the above photo. I must say I was quite impressed by the quality of her clothes, they are the best I have seen on a clothed doll.

The doll herself is lovely, her eyes are clear and close nicely, the face is matt and really well finished, the hair has a little product in it to help preserve the curl, but not overly done so it becomes tacky, it's still quite pleasing to touch.

Overall, I would recommend this doll to anyone looking to purchase a play doll.

P.S. I have just added the four piece knitted outfit to my shop AU$60 plus postage.

Friday, May 18, 2018

A Friendship Blossoms

Well my little Lea Muller (who I have renamed Heidi) arrived yesterday, so I took a couple of snaps of her with Gretel (Rosi). They seem to be getting along like a house on fire!

Gretel: Hello, I haven't seen you around here before, are you new to the neighbourhood?
Heidi: I've only just arrived from overseas, but this looks like a very nice town.
I brought my block trolley with me. Do you like playing with blocks?
Gretel: Oh yes, I love playing with them. You can build things and that's so much fun.

Lea: I think we are going to become great friends.
Gretel: Me too! Do you want to come to my place for lunch?
Lea: Yeah, that will be lovely. Do you have fruit? I love fruit!
Gretel: Yes, and yummy cream cakes too!

So off they went to feed their chubby little faces, muttering to each other all the way. :)