Thursday, February 22, 2018

More Projects Coming

I have been busy searching the internet and downloading a whole lot of new windows to make more 3D backdrops. Another seaside view, but quite different from the previous one, a winter snow scene (which are actually doors), a wonderful shot of the Eiffel Tower and a sunset view from an apartment that's a little on the "dark side". I bet you're wondering what I am going to do with that one! :)

Nevertheless, before I was able to make any new ones, I needed more corflute. So it was off to Riot online. Of course I couldn't just purchase the corflute and leave, I had to look around to see what else they had that might come in handy.

During my perusal I found these little wooden dolls, which if you turn them upside down, will make great legs for my tuffet. To complete the tuffet I'll need a circle of timber (perhaps hubby can help here), some wadding, a fat 1/4 of pretty fabric to cover it and a length of braid to trim the edge. Simple! However, I'll post more on that project later.

Now just so you don't get any dolly withdrawal symptoms today, here are Clara and Kitty (Gotz dolls) using the new Peter Rabbit teaset and enjoying afternoon tea together. :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Coming Soon!

I accidently came across a little cutie the other day and although it was love at first sight, my purse was relieved that this one's pre-order date had been and gone.

Then out of the blue one became available on the USA secondary market, but the lass had not received the doll as yet. I made enquiries and with her help we arranged for the doll to come to me straight from the artist Liz Frost of Wizworx (whom I paid, then Liz refunded the original payment back to the lass who had previously paid for the doll).

Of course the doll (which could easily be a boy or a girl, hence the names Finn or Fifi) will come to me quite naked, but with eyes and face up.

I was thinking this cheeky little face would make a perfect Miss Muffet, who would sit prettily on a tuffet ~ which for those who don't know, is a foot stool or low seat i.e. a pouffe, and something I could easily make myself.

My imagination has already painted a picture in my mind, and I can see her in a pretty bonnet, wearing a dress of white broderie anglaise, with bloomers peeking below.

I am extremely happy about supporting Australian BJD artists, and overjoyed to have finally discovered some "home grown" talent.

Both recent doll purchases, are the size I love best of all (around 13-14" tall) ~ so I have a feeling there will be many more Liz Frost and Kaye Wiggs dolls arriving in my studio in the not too distant future . . . so much for saying no more dolls!! :)